"Painting is so many things to me.  It's a way of expressing myself and a form of meditation.  It's a tool for tapping into my love of color.  Painting allows me to travel to new places and inspires me to dream.  My art is something I can share with my family and community.  I love the process of layering paint and intuitively mixing colors.  I choose images and subjects that resonate with who I am.  I compose an abstract and colorful underpainting and then layer upon that to bring life and form to the canvas.  My goal is never realism but rather a playful and abstract interpretation.  I know that my paintings are complete when I sense balance of subject, energy and color.  I like to take an idea or image I find beautiful and then create a dynamic and vibrant interpretation.  I want to give the viewer of my paintings a sense of exploration and playfulness when they look at my work.

- Kristen Hawkes