Kristen Hawkes is a Santa Barbara, California based painter who loves color.  Anyone who lingers with one of her pieces for a few
moments will ultimately take notice of the splashes of bright and distinctive colors that dance across her canvas.  She typically
begins her process with an photo which captures her imagination.  With the image as a starting point, she composes an abstract and
colorful underpainting and then adds layers upon that to bring life and form to the canvas.  
Her goal isn’t faithful representation,
but rather playful exploration of shape and color.

Kristen has worn many creative hats in her career.  She was formally trained as a graphic designer and worked professionally in
this capacity for many years.  Continued exploration opened doors in the fields of fashion design, visual display, and advertising.  
Her diverse career and interest in travel led her to live and work in various communities across the United states, as well as time 
in Europe.  Kristen finds great pleasure and inspiration volunteering teaching art to young children.